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Overview of our used machinery

Quick, easy, clear

No matter whether it involves construction sites, removals, roofing work or the carpenter's shop, construction machines are used in a wide variety of application areas, but often only for a limited period. An extensive selection of quality used machinery which offers an ideal alternative to purchasing new machinery awaits you at used-lifts. You will find everything in the area of powered access for the construction industry here, from cranes and construction lifts to personnel lifts.

It makes sense for smaller businesses and companies which frequently have temporary requirements and a limited budget to think about purchasing used equipment. In this respect, almost endless possibilities present themselves in the Internet. It is not always easy to find a supplier you can trust here. At used-lifts, you profit from comprehensive advice where you do not have to worry about any hidden costs whatsoever. You will quickly and easily find what you are looking for in the categories construction lifts, furniture lifts, truck cranes, trailer cranes, personnel lifts and material lifts. The most important information is clearly summarised in the individual advertisements. Apart from information on the machine type, the year of manufacture, the drive types, the control technology, the ondometer and the lifting height, you will find also technical specifications on the payload and the permissible gross weight in the product details.

In contrast to other suppliers which keep prospective customers in the dark about the acquisition cost with statements such as "price on inquiry", you will find the price details directly in the article overview without a long search. You will also be informed about any additional costs here. Finally, the condition of the device provides information about whether you purchase a reconditioned, fully functional used machine or whether it is unrepaired and additional service work could arise. At used-lifts, we offer a used machine warranty of up to three months on selected machines. This not only protects our customers from unexpected costs but also shows that we are convinced of the quality of the products we offer.

Comfortable removals thanks to furniture lifts

The use of a furniture lift presents itself when a major removal is planned and heavy bulky furniture has to be transported. In contrast to the construction lift used on housing construction sites, the surfaces of the platform can be opened sideways here. This flat mobile platform is perfect for carrying larger items of furniture into the house directly from the street through a window or via the balcony. Furniture lifts also enable removals to proceed effectively and easily even with narrow stairways and high-rise floors. Lifting heights and payloads vary greatly depending on the model. The most suitable furniture lift for the respective requirements mainly depends on the local conditions. For example, if little space is available, a space-saving version with a small footprint and high manoeuvrability can be used. If you wish to transport heavy loads instead and there are hardly any space restrictions, you should invest in a lift which is mounted on a truck. These models come to the fore at lifting heights of around 55 metres and can transport a weight of up to 400 kilograms. Whatever the requirements, you will find the right model at used-lifts.

Flying high with truck cranes

Mobile cranes provide an alternative if stationary cranes cannot be used. This is especially the case for construction sites in urban or residential areas, where there is often simply a lack of space. Mobile cranes offer high flexibility because they are mounted on a truck. They are quickly and comfortably transported to the service location and are also extremely simple to set up. These characteristic features mean that truck cranes are an invaluable aid in the construction industry. You will find used equipment in excellent condition at a low price at used-lifts. All the models offered are characterised by high performance, a high degree of safety and ease of use.

Construction lifts: diverse and flexible

Construction lifts have diverse areas of application which makes them an indispensable aid on many construction sites. They enable heavy goods to be moved up and down efficiently without any problems. Construction lifts are equipped with an electric or combustion motor which provides quick and easy handling in any situation. You will find an extensive selection of used construction lifts at used-lifts. These are distinguished by a long service life, high performance and a high degree of safety and can prove themselves in any situation with their rugged design and easy operation.

Safe in any situation: ALP-Personnel-Lifts and Material-Lifts

When work has to be carried out safely and efficiently at great heights, the use of special lifts cannot be avoided. This is because the use of a ladder becomes dangerous from a height of just two metres. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side when carrying out installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance work uses a personnel lift as an aid. The compact design and the low dead weight not only make transport and assembly child's play, a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications are also made possible. Use our ALP-Personnel-Lifts, in order to carry out work on ceilings or house walls safely and comfortably and prevent the danger of accidents involving falls from a height. A material lift can be used if you need help when transporting heavy construction components. Glass panes, air conditioning systems, etc. often have to be installed at dizzying heights. A material lift is indispensable here. No matter which model you opt for, all of the ALP-Material-Lifts offered at used-lifts are characterised by high capacity, precision workmanship and, needless to say, high safety standards. Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself!

Trailer cranes: light and compact

Anyone who aspires to reducing the workload and completing construction projects more quickly should think about buying a trailer crane. The use of a trailer crane which scores points with a comparatively low dead weight and high manoeuvrability presents itself here. Instead of laboriously transporting heavy components via scaffolding, loads can be lifted quickly and easily by means of a trailer crane, even if little space is available. Take a look at the wide variety of offers at used-lifts - we are sure that you will be very happy with our quality used machinery for a long time to come!

Outstanding service: quick, expert and reliable

used-lifts has the right device whatever the requirements and budget. You not only profit from first-class used products but also from outstanding service. Our expert personnel will be pleased to assist you at all times with individual advice if you have any questions. Are you unsure which model is most suitable for your requirements? You didn't find a suitable device straight away? Feel free to contact us, so that we can find a solution together. However, if you need a new device to meet your requirements, you should consider the products from Böcker. As an option, you profit from a five-year warranty on a complete machine and ten years warranty on the mast package. This offer is unique on the market and not only says something about maximum orientation to the needs of the customer but also testifies to the unique quality of the Böcker powered access technology.